Jiaming Center launches DDINGGU’s Sparkling Winter Art Exhibition
Jiaming Center launches DDINGGU’s Sparkling Winter Art Exhibition

DDINGGU is a personalized bull terrier created by Korean artist SeungKoo Lee. By naming the dog after his childhood nickname, SeungKoo Lee injects his own living state, feelings and enthusiasm into the work. DDINGGU under his creation is simple, happy, mischievous, free and always full of eclectic whimsy. It is energetic and vibrant most of the time, and lazy or mournful occasionally, which represents SeungKoo Lee’s attitude towards life: even if the life abuses me thousands of times, I still treat life as my first love.

As an artist who originated in Korea, studied in Germany and works and lives in China, SeungKoo Lee always feels that he is on the verge of mainstream culture. But DDINGGU is different. It is stateless and can integrate into a diverse culture at any time. SeungKoo Lee transformed his loneliness and loss into such a passionate and positive energy, giving life a big hug in a humorous, relaxed and happy way.

In a winter with Christmas and New Year, Jiaming Center joined with artist SeungKoo Lee to enable everyone to feel the passion and joy of the winter through interaction with the image of DDINGGU. We have set up three interactive sections for you in the art space: 2019 New Year Vision, Blessing of Love, and Blooming from Heart. We invite you to “plant” the expectations of 2019 at this time and see the fruits of flowers in the coming year, to show your “Blessing of Love” together with DDINGGU and to laugh with DDINGGU in the animation and prints while shuttling through dreamy BoBo balls in the “Blooming from Heart”, and thus uncovering the exciting chapter for the New Year.

At this moment, why not stroll through the paradise of DDINGGU, enjoy the love and dreams together with happy people and enjoy the sparkling winter? Wish you all the best in the new year!