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In December 28, 2016, the United States Green Building Commission (USGBC) announced through official channels that it officially awarded the highest level of LEED-CS (core and shell) - platinum - level certification to the Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park in Beijing, China. This represents the Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park project, which has been approved by the LEED-CS platinum class in 2015, and has successfully passed the final review of the LEED project international regulatory agency and became the first project to obtain the LEED 2009 CS platinum certification for the city of Beijing. At the same time, this is another award after Jiaming Center won LEED-CS gold certification and LEED-EB platinum certification.


The LEED certification, established by the United States Green Building Commission and carried out in 1998, is committed to effectively reducing the negative impact of the environment and households in the architectural design and standardizing a complete and accurate concept of green architecture. The evaluation system covered by LEED is now considered as the most perfect and influential assessment standard in all kinds of environmental assessment, green building assessment and architectural sustainability standards in the world. The evaluation system mainly from the sustainable building site, water resources utilization, building energy conservation and atmosphere, resources and materials, indoor air quality in several aspects of the comprehensive inspection of the building, evaluation of its impact on the environment, and according to the indicators in each aspect of the score, comprehensive results, will be divided into the evaluation of the building Platinum, gold, silver and certification are four levels to reflect the green level of the building.


Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park project scored 85 points in the LEED-CS review, and received the corresponding highest level of platinum certification. The Green Building Commission of the United States believes that "this LEED certification marks the model of the Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park as a model for sustainable architecture design, and confirms its leadership role in the reform of the construction industry." This conclusion is undoubtedly the best affirmation of Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park's architectural design and implementation quality. Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park is an intelligent building that advocates low carbon, energy saving, ecology and environmental protection. Through the overall design of science, high efficiency and energy saving concept carried out the whole mechanical and electrical system, the project integrated application of high performance envelope, VAV VAV system, water storage, LED lighting and other energy-saving technologies and equipment, making the energy consumption of the office building reduced by 22%. At the same time, the project also has excellent performance in two aspects of sustainable development and comfort. The water saving rate is up to 78%, and the water saving rate is up to 78%. At the same time, the natural resources such as land, rainwater and sunshine will be best utilized by the rainwater storage system, sewage treatment and recycling technology and solar water hot water system. In addition, large floor windows combined with flat and deep design, provide high natural lighting for large office areas, natural lighting can reach 86.9%, more than 99% of the users can also enjoy a garden scene on the workplaces. In addition, intelligent haze control system and landscape platform are specially set up in the park to provide the best working environment for tenants.


As of December 2016, a total of 931 projects in China have been certified by LEED, with a total area of 34 million 620 thousand square meters, ranking top of the number of LEED overseas projects, but the proportion of platinum certification projects is only about 6%. The two major projects of the Jiaming group received the highest level of LEED certification, which fully demonstrated the corporate tenet of "respect for the culture and value of sustainable growth in the city", and also represented the perfect ground for the international building standards in China. I believe that Jim will continue to lead the local architecture in the trend of green ecology, make a place in the world's highest attestation stage, and contribute more to the combination of the environment and the humanities in the Chinese architecture industry.


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At the evening of June 24, 2014 American time, at the TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) award dinner at the BOMA International (The Outstanding Building of the Year) awards, a total of more than 2000 people from the global business property management community have witnessed the first in China and the first in Asia. Beijing Jiaming center has won the TOBY Award nomination Award for the first time in the world's commercial real estate operation and management.


This is also the first time that the TOBY awards have been nominated for nearly 30 years. In the competition of hundreds of projects around the world, the TOBY award has been nominated for eight famous projects in the competition unit of 50 thousand square to 100 thousand square meters. They are:


It is not only the honor of the owner of the Jiaming center and the operation management team, but also the honor of all the colleagues in the business and management industry of China's commercial real estate. It will also make the international professionals look at the operation and management ability of Chinese commercial real estate.


BOMA international TOBY award can be called the "Oscar" award of international commercial real estate operation management. Every year, more than 100 famous offices in many countries compete in the world. The famous The Empire State Building, the Sears building, the Chrysler building, the Bank of America, the AON center, the Time Warner Center have all won the TOBY awards. TOBY Awards are presented at the BOMA International Annual Meeting at the end of June each year in the presence of more than 5,000 business real estate management professionals from around the world.


The Jiaming center has applied for the BOMA international TOBY award after the BOMA China operation management excellence certification (COE certification), and finally won the 2013-2014 TOBY Award nomination. One of the competitive rules of the TOBY awards is that COE must be certified in the competition.


How did Jiaming center get the BOMA COE certification in China? As early as in October 2012, the Jiaming center operation management team improved its operation management documents and related management processes according to the manual on the standard operation process of international commercial real estate provided by BOMA China (click the downloading manual PDF version). Under the guidance of the guide for international commercial real estate standard operation process and the assistance of BOMA China, the operation management team of Jiaming center is gradually improving its operation management level by evaluating and perfecting the operation management system. In October 30, 2013, after the BOMA international two more than 30 years of commercial real estate operation management experts on-site evaluation, the Jiaming center operating management level has reached international standards, BOMA China finally awarded the Jiaming center COE certification.


In the evening of June 24, 2014, 25 people from the BOMA Chinese delegation, together with more than 2000 commercial real estate professionals from the world, witnessed the TOBY awards ceremony, and also witnessed the Jiaming center as the first office building to be nominated by the TOBY award in China.


According to the official website of the LEED international regulatory agency of the United States Green Architecture Commission (USGBC), the Jiaming center in Beijing has passed LEED-EB O& M (both building operations and maintenance) platinum level certification, the platinum level is the highest level of certification. Up to now, only 3 projects in China have been awarded LEED-EB platinum certification. Jiaming center is one of them.


Jiaming center was built in 2011. When completed, it passed the gold certification of LEED CS (core tube and building shell). At the end of 2013, the Jiaming center became the first building in China to obtain the first five outstanding certification of BOMA China, and will be on behalf of Orlando in the United States of China in June this year to participate in the TOBY (annual outstanding office) award held by BOMA international.


The LEED-EB certification introduced by USGBC (US Green Building Committee) focuses on the operation and maintenance phase of commercial buildings. The goal of LEED-EB is to maximize the efficiency of building operations while minimizing its impact on the environment. Because LEED-EB certification is mainly based on building operations and management practices, the office buildings that have passed the certification are more sustainable than other similar buildings. From the perspective of the whole life cycle, the impact of building operation on the environment is more obvious, so it is more critical to focus on this stage. In addition, improvements in the operational phase will directly bring about practical, concrete and quantifiable benefits.


LEED-EB covers the main aspects of building continuous operation and maintenance, which have a significant impact on tenants and the environment, such as:
      • energy efficiency  能源使用效率
      • water efficiency  用水效率
      • mechanical systems performance   设备系统的性能。
      • whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues including chemical use  整栋楼宇的保洁与维护项目,其中包括化学品使用。
      • ongoing indoor air quality  楼宇内空气质量。
      • alternative transportation programs for building occupants 楼内租户的交通方案多选性项目。
      • recycling programs and facilities 绿色回收计划与设施。
      • exterior maintenance programs 外部维护计划。
      • green purchasing practices 绿色采购
      • management of toxic substances 有害物管理
      • systems upgrades to meet green building energy, water, IAQ, and lighting performance standards 为达到绿色建筑能源、用水、空气质量与光源的效能要求而进行的系统升级。


In order to get platinum certification, the building must get at least 80 points (100 points). It is not easy to get this result. By June 4, 2014, 46 commercial buildings in China had applied to USGBC (the United States Green Construction Commission) to apply for LEED-EB certification, and on its official website, the results were listed as follows:
      • Platinum铂金级   3
      • Gold 金级  18
      • Sliver 银级    4
      • Basic认证级    2
      • In progress 认证中 19



After more than a year of efforts, in October 30, 2013, after two days of audit, the Jiaming center passed the BOMA certification examination and became the first enterprise to obtain the excellent certificate of operation and management of the office building since BOMA entered China.


On October 28, 2013 and 29, Joe Markling, former president of BOMA international and Wendy Cardell, former president of BOMA Canada, examined the Jiaming center operations management group from the five aspects of building operation management, energy management, environmental management, marketing and communication and the excellent certification of BOMA office building. The ability of the team to operate.


After two days' review of all the documents, the results of the project, and the verification of the ability of the related managers, the two experts thought that the Jia Ming center asset management team had performed well, and the scores of each certificate in the five outstanding certificates were more than 90 points, and decided to grant Jia Ming The center five BOMA office building excellence Certificate (COE).


At 3:00 p.m. on October 30, 2013, the BOMA China Certificate of Excellence Media Reception Meeting was held in Conference Room 1 of Group Office, Block A, Block 23, Jiaming Center. About 15 media, including: Bloomberg Businessweek business weekly, Beijing Youth Daily, Legal Evening News, modern property, news, Sina, Sohu focus and search room, and so on.


The relevant information can be seen from the BOMA China website (China's first office operation management level reached the international standard - the Jiaming Center for BOMA certificate of excellence] and [the internalization process of the Jiaming center operation management and the COE certification process]. You can also click on the download link below to read relevant reports.