Group News

In December 9, 2016, the annual Jiaming customer appreciation meeting was formally held at the 23 level of Jiaming center, Beijing. Following the usual practice of the past year, he also selected a great art and cultural feast with a heavyweight master of art this year, aimed at acknowledgting customers and carrying forward the artistic style and cultural feelings of the Jiaming.


This year, the Jiaming Center invited Mr. Pan Gongkai, a famous artist and former president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, to attend the reception and hold an art exhibition. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang arrived at the event with his elaborate installation, Rong, and seven other rare paintings and calligraphy. Thanks to this meeting, thanks will be the twentieth exhibition of "Rong" in the world, the theme of the thanks meeting is "Rong", through the cross boundary and integration of paintings, music, dance and architecture, to open a wonderful journey of cultural and artistic atmosphere for customers and guests.


In order to harmonize with Mr. Pan's artistic style, the venue of this year's thank-you meeting was decorated with elegant ink painting elements of black, white and dark green. At 18 o'clock that evening, the activity was officially opened before Mr. Pan's great painting, "Gao Song Xue Ji". Mr. Wang Tingyue, the chairman of the Jiaming investment director, first made an opening speech for the activities. He expressed thanks to all the clients and guests on behalf of the Jiaming group. He reported the achievements of the Jiaming center to the guests of the present year. At the same time, he also appropriately with the help of the theme "Rong" to express the future Jiaming and customer cooperation "complement each other, milk blend" vision.



At the BOMA China 2016 global annual meeting, the Jiaming investment management team and the property team, with the witness of the guests, received the 5 CofE management excellence certification of Chinese architecture and the 360 certification of the BOMA international best management. This award is the second time that Jiaming Center has won the award since it became the first office building in China to receive five CofE certifications from BOMA China in 2013.

Looking back over the past three years, every step Jiaming Center has taken has been writing the history of Jiaming, even the entire commercial real estate industry in China. In January 2013, an expert representative from the BOMA International (International Association of building owners and managers) was commissioned to enter the Jiaming center to make it clear the gap between the international operation and management level through an operational management assessment report. The birth of this report has become the starting point and driving force for Jiaming to catch up with Europe and the United States. After ten months of rectify and reform, the Jiaming center, which scored over 90 points on each project in October of the same year, became the first office building with the first BOMA certificate of excellence (CofE) since its entry into China. Among them, the "patrol management", "quality control and control officer", "maximum use building automatic management system" (BMS), which are adopted by the Jiaming center, have been established at the same time.


In October 20, 2016, BOMA China's 2016 annual global conference officially opened in Beijing. This annual meeting of real estate inspection, professional forum, award dinner and other rich content ingeniously integrated into one, for all participants to provide a rich and diverse opportunities for the exchange of industry.

As the first office in China to win the 5 CofE certification of BOMA China and the BOMA international TOBY award, the Beijing Jiaming center has become an important part of the BOMA tour. On the afternoon of 20, a delegation of strength from 220 real estate managers and suppliers came to Jiaming center. Under the leadership of the professional property manager of the Jiaming center, the guests were divided into several groups to visit and inspect the important areas such as the office hall, the corridor, the commercial street, the staff restaurant, the cold treatment room, the Property Office, the garage and other important areas of the Jiaming center. During the inspection, the guests marveled at the orderly layout of the Jiaming center and the detailed management of the property management. At the same time, the person in charge of the property also patiently answered the questions raised by the guests during the inspection. In the course of the team's waiting for a partial visit, the center provided each guest with a food exchange voucher for Starbucks coffee and llao llao frozen yogurt shop, which aims to reduce the interaction between the guests and the shops, so that the guests can experience the operation model and service quality of the Jiaming tenants.


Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park is a rare urban business garden project in the Beijing market. She continued Jiaming's pursuit of quality and was named Beijing's first LEED-CS pre-certified urban business garden project in the early stages of construction. Jiaming's elaborate Dongfeng Industrial Park welcomed her completion on June 24 and is welcoming new tenants with a new look.

At the conference, Ms. Wu Peiling, general manager of the asset management center of the Jiaming group, said that as a real estate development enterprise established for more than 20 years, the focus of his business has shifted to asset management. His experience in asset management and property operation is leading to industry standards and can provide CofE and TO for the whole industry. BY, BOMA360 and LEED related business consulting services. The group has been a case and standardization of the operation experience of the Jiaming center. It will be successfully copied to all the office building projects in the Jiaming, and the Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park is the flagship project of the standardized operation of the Jiaming. Jiaming people will use a strong and mature international property team to build this platinum-grade office building more perfect, to achieve the sustainable development of capital.

The activity scene, from environmental layout to hand ceremony, highlights the concept of green ecology everywhere. The project from the architectural design, selection to construction, operation, the whole process of green supervision, to minimize the damage to the tenants of all kinds of pollution, for the enterprises to provide a more human nature ecological office environment, so that the work efficiency of occupants has been significantly improved. Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park is a masterpiece of Jiaming's fine carving, which fully embodies the harmony and unity of Humanities and architecture, environment and science and technology, and contributes a force to the sustainable development of the environment.