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In order to encourage "zero emission" green travel and promote green transportation in cities, the project will introduce electric vehicle charging facilities to create convenient conditions for green travel.

Jiaming will invest in Putian New Energy and set up 8 or 9 public charging facilities for electric vehicles in Jiaming Center and Jiaming Dongfeng Industrial Park parking lot. The charging facility is compatible and Jiaming will continue to improve the universality of the charging facilities during the operation, and it is possible to meet the charging requirements of all branded electric vehicles in the future. It is estimated that two electric vehicle charging facilities will be put into operation before the end of 2015.

New energy vehicles have been strongly supported and promoted by the state because of their green and environmental characteristics, and the demand for new energy vehicles has also been rising rapidly. The implementation of the electric vehicle public charging project will provide great convenience for the users to use new energy vehicles, making the supporting facilities of the project more perfect. At the same time, as an advocate and pioneer of green building, Jim's investment hopes to promote green and healthy travel ideas through practical action, promote sustainable transportation and make efforts for the sustainable development of the city.


In March 25, 2015, Mr. Mahesh Ramanujam (Ma Han), chief operating officer of the USGBC (United States Green Building Commission), and MS. Cheng Naili, the USGBC global development director, visited the Jiaming Center for the LEED certification Award for the three office building projects under the Jiaming investment. Jiaming investment leader and EMSI related leaders attended the ceremony.

At the award ceremony, Mahesh Ramanujam (Ma Han) issued the LEED EB platinum medal, the LEED CS platinum pre certification award and the LEED CS gold grade pre certification Award for the Jiaming center, the Jia Mingdong four ring Creative Industrial Park project and the Jiamin long original CY-07 office building.

Mr. Mahesh Ramanujam (Ma Han) said that LEED platinum and LEED gold are the highest level of certification in LEED certification, and the three office projects under the Jiaming investment have received such high honors. This shows that the Jiaming investment is a highly socially responsible company with respect to the environment and the society. He expressed great admiration for his efforts and achievements in the field of green construction, and believed that the Jiaming investment practice has practiced its business philosophy of "creating a city classic and achieving a lasting value", which is also consistent with the continuing value of USGBC's advocacy.

This award ceremony is a milestone in the achievement of Jiam's investment in the field of green architecture. The people will continue to make persistent efforts to provide better quality office environment and high quality green buildings for the city, and also hope that more and more people will be able to pay more attention to green buildings, the environment and society of Guan Aiwo.


Jiaming investment and the international well-known Real Estate Company, the United States, signed a cooperative agreement in July 23, 2014 to jointly invest in the Manhattan Hudson shipyard business circle and the 1 phase of block 509, West 34 street. The total project investment is expected to reach 3 billion 200 million US dollars, equivalent to about 19 billion 600 million yuan.


The 509 West 34 street block is located in the Hudson shipyard business circle, with a total area of about 6266 square meters (67451 square feet), with a volumetric rate of 33 and an office area of about 265 thousand square meters (2 million 850 thousand square feet) in the future, and is expected to be put into use in the fourth quarter of 2019. According to the available area, the 509 plot of West 34 street is the second largest project on the west side of Hudson shipyard. Thanks to the large area of land, the project uses high practical design to provide tenants with open flat floor space and a great view of the middle and Hudson rivers in Manhattan. In addition, the project is expected to take advantage of the tendency of the enterprises in different industries to continue to pay attention to the new property that can be customized to their own needs, and to obtain high quality and prominent main tenants in the pretenancy market.



At the evening of June 24, 2014 American time, at the TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) award dinner at the BOMA International (The Outstanding Building of the Year) awards, a total of more than 2000 people from the global business property management community have witnessed the first in China and the first in Asia. Beijing Jiaming center has won the TOBY Award nomination Award for the first time in the world's commercial real estate operation and management.


This is also the first time that the TOBY awards have been nominated for nearly 30 years. In the competition of hundreds of projects around the world, the TOBY award has been nominated for eight famous projects in the competition unit of 50 thousand square to 100 thousand square meters. They are:


It is not only the honor of the owner of the Jiaming center and the operation management team, but also the honor of all the colleagues in the business and management industry of China's commercial real estate. It will also make the international professionals look at the operation and management ability of Chinese commercial real estate.


BOMA international TOBY award can be called the "Oscar" award of international commercial real estate operation management. Every year, more than 100 famous offices in many countries compete in the world. The famous The Empire State Building, the Sears building, the Chrysler building, the Bank of America, the AON center, the Time Warner Center have all won the TOBY awards. TOBY Awards are presented at the BOMA International Annual Meeting at the end of June each year in the presence of more than 5,000 business real estate management professionals from around the world.