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According to the official website of the LEED international regulatory agency of the United States Green Architecture Commission (USGBC), the Jiaming center in Beijing has passed LEED-EB O& M (both building operations and maintenance) platinum level certification, the platinum level is the highest level of certification. Up to now, only 3 projects in China have been awarded LEED-EB platinum certification. Jiaming center is one of them.


Jiaming center was built in 2011. When completed, it passed the gold certification of LEED CS (core tube and building shell). At the end of 2013, the Jiaming center became the first building in China to obtain the first five outstanding certification of BOMA China, and will be on behalf of Orlando in the United States of China in June this year to participate in the TOBY (annual outstanding office) award held by BOMA international.


The LEED-EB certification introduced by USGBC (US Green Building Committee) focuses on the operation and maintenance phase of commercial buildings. The goal of LEED-EB is to maximize the efficiency of building operations while minimizing its impact on the environment. Because LEED-EB certification is mainly based on building operations and management practices, the office buildings that have passed the certification are more sustainable than other similar buildings. From the perspective of the whole life cycle, the impact of building operation on the environment is more obvious, so it is more critical to focus on this stage. In addition, improvements in the operational phase will directly bring about practical, concrete and quantifiable benefits.



On the afternoon of February 1, 2013, an artwork appraisal meeting with the theme of "win-win cooperation under the fine world" opened on the 23rd floor of the Jiaming Center. More than twenty senior customers from the Jiaming Center gathered together to enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the atmosphere of appreciation of painting, tea, friends and the taste of traditional Chinese art. The event not only allows customers to experience a unique art feast, but also establishes an excellent platform for communication and interaction among enterprises.


In recent years, with the increasing attention to the traditional oriental culture at home and abroad, the unique traditional cultural charm of Chinese paintings has highlighted its unique collection and investment value. People can not only get visual enjoyment from traditional Chinese paintings, but also get inspiration from their hearts. In order to make the guests of the scene more fully aware, experience and understand the charm of the Chinese painting, the chairman of Wang Tingyue also took out his collection of many paintings of contemporary famous painters, together with everyone to appreciate and share the culture and connotation of the works.


As the most important part of the event, this tasting also invited a famous master of Chinese painting, which was renowned at the domestic painting and calligraphy circles, the deputy director and Secretary General of the Chinese Art Association of Beijing art society, the deputy director and Secretary General of the Chinese Painting Art Committee, as the guest speaker of the Chinese paintings, to interpret the culture and price of the art collections for the guests. The value is. His exquisite and original explanations of his works add a lot of color to the event, allowing guests to follow him involuntarily in the ocean of art.



After more than a year of efforts, in October 30, 2013, after two days of audit, the Jiaming center passed the BOMA certification examination and became the first enterprise to obtain the excellent certificate of operation and management of the office building since BOMA entered China.


On October 28, 2013 and 29, Joe Markling, former president of BOMA international and Wendy Cardell, former president of BOMA Canada, examined the Jiaming center operation management team from the five aspects of building operation management, energy management, environmental management, marketing and communication and the excellent certification of BOMA office building. Operational capability.


After two days' review of all the documents, the results of the project, and the verification of the ability of the related managers, the two experts thought that the Jia Ming center asset management team had performed well, and the scores of each certificate in the five outstanding certificates were more than 90 points, and decided to grant Jia Ming The center five BOMA office building excellence Certificate (COE).


At 3:00 p.m. on October 30, 2013, the BOMA China Certificate of Excellence Media Reception Meeting was held in Conference Room 1 of Group Office, Block A, Block 23, Jiaming Center. About 15 media, including: Bloomberg Businessweek business weekly, Beijing Youth Daily, Legal Evening News, modern property, news, Sina, Sohu focus and search room, and so on.