Prepares the Stage for the General Public to Share Their Ideal Offices with Paintings
Prepares the Stage for the General Public to Share Their Ideal Offices with Paintings

On 23rd March 2018, the grand opening of “My Ideal Office” Painting Exhibition organized by Jiaming Investment was held in Jiaming Center. The Exhibition creates a platform for the general public to share ideas on “ideal offices”. A variety of outstanding works collected and selected in the competition will be on display until 22nd April.
The works on exhibition are selected from the 160 pieces of painting submitted by people of all professions. The authors of these works vary from architectural masters to children, from artists to administrative staff, from financial investors to building operators. Aged between 4 to 40, they come from different industries with divergent background. However, they represent individuals living and working in the city with different perceptions of what an ideal office is like. From the lines and colors they use and the ideas they want to express, we can have a general idea of what the future office is like. 、
The ideas expressed by these works are not the same as we have expected. They go far beyond the imagination of spatial designers. In the eyes of the general public, the ideal office is not a high-end, luxury space, but one that could make people feel relaxed and warm. These are the most precious findings of the event.
Among different voices, we can also find similar expectations: high-tech and smart designs, green work environment, multifunctional space integrating work with entertainment and the company of pets.
As the organizer of the Exhibition, an industrial leader in commercial property and asset management and an outstanding designer of urban offices, Jiaming Investment has been devoted to creating people-oriented, multifunctional work places. In his opening remarks, Mr. He Chunxing, Executive President of Jiaming Group, explained the idea behind this cross-sectorial integration of real estate and art, which is the first such attempt in the industry. “We hope to provide users with the ideal space and services they want. Therefore, we need to hear their voices and understand their underlying needs. Architecture and painting are interlinked and overlapping. Therefore, we come up with the idea of creating a platform for people to share their ideas on an ideal office through hand painting, which could provide valuable guidance for Jiaming and the entire industry in the construction of buildings.
Mr. Billy Huang, Marketing& Public Relations Director of Linkedin China, British illustrator Ms. Nikki Priest, and Liu Xiaoyu, the first child participant of the event attended the Opening Ceremony and shared their understanding of the Exhibition. Moreover, authors of the paintings on exhibition, experts of all fields and media representatives also presented to witness the release of outstanding hand painted works of “my ideal office” and the trends of future office.
Billy Huang said, “a good office should be a community, facilitating inter-personal communication and establishing ties between individuals. The event organized by Jiaming linked people together to communicate and interact with each other with painting”. Nikki shared her findings in analyzing the paintings. “The ideal office is multifunctional. It makes people feel relaxed and enjoyable, as we spend most of our time working every day. Future work places need to meet the expectation of users.
This cross-sectorial integration of real estate and art is of practical significance. The first step taken by Jiaming inspired an increasing number of space users to reflect on what is an “ideal office” and guide users to actively participate in the design and creation of future work places rather than passively accepting what has been delivered.
This widely-participated dialogue helped to diversify and enrich the knowledge base of Jiaming Group and the industry in interior design. The success of the event and the Exhibition convinced Jiaming that it is possible to unleash the potential of painting as a global language to allow buildings to maximize their functions.
In the future, Jiaming will make further attempts to hear the voices of users and “creating sustainable culture and value for cities with respect”. Jiaming understands that it is by providing the most comfortable work place for people can it fully unleash the potential of individuals to create greater value to the city.